Thursday, January 2, 2014

Assistive Technology Assessment is an Important First Step

Because of technology, an 11-year-old girl who can’t physically hold a pencil is on the honor roll. If not for a $200 word processor called a Forte who knows where she would be! Not only does it give her the ability to keep up with her fast-paced 6th grade class, it’s cool and sleek so it gives her a “coolness factor” among her peers. I would argue these are the top conditions that need to be met when picking out appropriate technology for individuals. (You can read that article here: )

It’s important to remember to assess needs at an individual level before jumping straight to a tool. Too many times, students (and adults) are hooked up with a great piece of equipment that doesn’t provide them with what THEY need. There is a process, and anybody in the disability world is too familiar with how long these processes can be, but in this case it’s super important to follow through with a thorough assessment to ensure getting the best assistive technology possible.

For tips on how to do these assessments, check out The Assistive Technology Playground by my peer Marvin Williams.


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