Friday, September 19, 2014

Wells Fargo seems to have humans with hearts running it!

Wells Fargo has agreed to cancel her eviction and is in talks with her attorney. There have been numerous calls and letter of support as well as donations to help Sandra. Her attorney is setting up a fund for her. If you care to help, you can call 203-324-7744 or email Sandra Weiler at


So far, cerebral palsy and cancer hasn't stopped Sandra Weiler. Will Wells Fargo follow suit? Could it be that the banking industry is doing the right thing? Taking what seems to be a "human-centered" approach rather than a "dollar-centered" approach, Wells Fargo has agreed to review a particular case and put their decided eviction of Sandra Weiler, a woman with cerebral palsy, on hold.

At first glance, automatic assumptions would run rampant through many people's minds about how this woman ended up getting an eviction notice. Things like "government assistance" and "moocher" might occur to some people (ok, LOTS of people) reading this.

But before you make up your mind, let me tell you that the woman you see in the still of this video has her PhD, has owned a daycare and is a special education teacher who currently teaches at a university in Connecticut. She was also fighting cancer and has recently lost her medical coverage.

Yes, I know banks are in it for the money but aren’t there times where a person could actually just be going through a rough patch and be given an extension? I’m so glad Sandra Weiler was given an extension and I hope that Wells Fargo will allow her to stay in her accessible home which she has customized to her particular needs to give her the independence every human being deserves!