Friday, June 1, 2012

Games Day - Fun With Adapted Sports

Today was Games day at Mitchell Field in Nassau County and boy what a gorgeous day it was! There was no humidity, the sun was shining and a light breeze kept us happy while we waited our turn at each event. My daughter's favorite event (which is actually not an event but a fun activity to do in between events) is the swing. There is a huge swing that you can roll a wheelchair right onto and people who can't sit on a typical swing can still enjoy the twisting and turning of a crazy ride. Therapeutically speaking, it's referred to as vestibular motion. "Entertaining-ly" speaking, it's just plain FUN!

I have to say that I truly enjoy going with her. Not only because she gets to do fun things like ring toss, precision throw and the 40m dash (her favorite by far) but I get to feel comfortable. I'm not so worried about taking too long to do something, like giving her lunch, or being concerned about her wheelchair getting stuck or in the way of someone. Everyone else there is just like me. I fit in. I'm surrounded by people who know exactly how I feel about certain things without having to say it. Yeah, today is supposed to be about her but as it turns out, it's about me too.

Today was a great day!


  1. That is a beautiful story. Love you all. xoxo

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